Sunday, October 4, 2009

its in the air...

So last week I found out that 2 more people I know are preggers, So I'm convinced pregnancy is in the air; and I'll be the next one! Those keeping track thats 6 people in the month of September who told me they were pregnant.
My meds are going well, I have some bruises on my belly but I guess its not too bad,and I've noticed some little twiches around the ovaries but I can deal. My fav nurse said I'm doing great and currently a text book IVF case. That makes me super happy.
Update on u/s and blood work:
9/30 4 days of gonal f and many tiny follicles growing and my estrogen is 717-stay on same dose of meds
10/2 6 days of gonal f and 6 follicles growing and measuring around 10.5 and estrogen is 900-stay on same dose of meds. After this appt I was nervous because I thought more would be going on but my fav nurse called and told me everything is on track and slow and steady wins the race.
10/4 8 days of gonal f and 12 follicles growing-measuring from 11-15, I have no clue what my estrogen is ( a different doc called and I forgot to ask).Stay on same dose of meds.

The game plan is to back tomm 10/5 for u/s and blood and just incase I made another appt for Tues. I think I'm going to be in there all week. I told my boss today and shes 100% supportive of me coming late or having to miss some days. I think the retrieval will be this week...maybe Thurs or Friday ( that would be 12/13 days of gonal f)??hmm I guess we'll see.

On a side note- I noticed that I only like talking to one nurse aka fav nurse and when someone else calls me I pretty much dont pay attention to what they are saying and ask for my nurse. I feel bad for being a bitch to these people but the one I like has been with me since the start of everything and I really trust her. I pray she is around when the results of my pregnancy test come in :)

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