Thursday, October 8, 2009

Almost preggers

Today was my retrieval! My instructions were to not eat or drink past midnight on Wednesday. Last night I had dreams about water all night! Hehe- I've never wanted water more in my life then when I was told I couldn't have any! I couldn't sleep at all last night. The plan was to arrive at the center @ 9:30am today (thurs), we got there at 8:20am because we were nervous about traffic! So we waited,and waited. My dh was sopost to give his sample at 9:30 but they were backed up! At 9:30ish I was brought into the back room- a place where you go before and after procedures. I got an iv and talked with nurses/doctors etc. My time was set for 10:30- which is 36 hours from my tues night trigger. At 10:25 they still hadn't taken my hubby in and I was freaking out- of course! But the nurses told me not to worry and he would het it down in time. Sooo at 10:30 I was walked into the bathroom to pee (tmi) then I said bye to my hubby and walked into the procedure room. I had to verify my name, dob etc. When I was done the guy putting me to sleep told me he already put the drug into my iv. Not even 2 seconds later I told them I felt weird and needed to lay down. Next thing I knew I was back in the recovery room(1st room) and my hubby was sitting next to me. I had cramping on a scale of 1-10 I was about a 4. They gave me an anti inflamatory in my iv which seemed to help. About 20 mins later they gave me extra strenght Tylenol, it did the trick. About 20 mins later they made me pee and I was told I could leave. I went home with ginerale and saltines, told me to drink plenty of gaterade and water and eat lots of protein and take it easy. The ride home I felt nausus but didn't get sick. Came home and dh made me eggs and pb toast but I just feel awful! I'm sticking to satines and have already had 64 oz of gaterade! Watching movies from the library and trying to relax. I'm praying I don't over stimulate- they took out 32, yes 32 eggies! I don't know yet the quality, but I'm praying they are some good eggies!

Ohh ya some slight/light spotting

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