Thursday, October 8, 2009

I love my grandparents

So today while I was resting in bed my hubby asked if I was expecting a package- I said no but I'll take one! He brought in a small box and I opened a jewelry box, inside was a pendant of St.Gerard on a chain! He's the saint of fertilty/child, protecting mothers! On the order slip it said love gram & papa! How lucky am I? They are soo sweet!

On another note I'm feeling good, a little crampy but not awful. The only thing thar is killing me is my knee? I have no clue why, the only thing I can think of is during the procedure they had to put me in the stir-ups and maybe my knee went the wrong way? I keep weighing myself and so far so good- fingers crossed! I have had 1 gallon of gatoraid and now I'm onto water. I had steak and fries for dinner- so there's some protein. My hubby has been great,I have been texting him all day from the bedroom with things j need! What will I do tomm when he returns to work? Hmm

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