Friday, October 30, 2009

BFP :)

Its been awhile since I updated so here goes...
Last friday 10/23/09 was my 1st beta (blood work to see if pg)when I got home I decided to POAS or 2 just to give me an idea for when fav nurse (Liza) called. It was *POSITIVE* so I called my DH to give him the great news-he put me to voice mail. What??? As I sat on the bathroom floor crying and shaking and looking at these fantastic tests he decided to call me back. I told him and he said thats good but wait for Liza to call with the news just in case. Okay Debby downer... An hour later she called and told me the news-again more sitting on the floor cying, shaking etc. She told me to come back on Monday for another one. We called our parents and grandparents and told them the news!! My side of rhe family was crying, Dh's was happy!? LOL! This week has been a crazy week I'm so nervous after my betas that I just look at my phone and pray the next call I get will be okay.
Beta results :
10/23/09- 134
10/26/09- 365
10/28/09- 770
and now I'm waiting for the results of my 4th beta.... I pray its good.
If everything is good my 1st u/s is next fri 11/6~ I'll be 6 weeks PREGNANT.
My due date is Thurs 7.01.2010
Stick babies stick <3

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