Saturday, August 29, 2009

All systems are a go!

I finally got my friend yesterday! I went in for a baseline u/s yesterday (which means full bladder) normally they dont require one for IVF cycles but since I was just cancelled they wanted to make sure there were no large cysts. So everything looks good and I start the pill tomm! I cant wait till I start the gonal f again, thats the light at the end of the tunnel before they take the eggies out!

I heard from a girl from the book signing and we are going out to dinner on Tues, and she just found out shes pregnant(from IVF) so I'm going to pick her brain :)

I start my lupron on Sun 9/13

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cloud 5

Sooo I'm on a cloud- it's not cloud 9 but it's a start, let's say it's cloud 5 ish! I think 6 will be the retrieval,7 will be the transfer,8 will be finding out I'm preggers and 9 will be delivering a healthy baby!!

Anyway the reason for this cloud is that the cancelation fee was waved and I got 3 free gonal f pens today: that's a savings of $2600.00
they waved the fee this time but if we cancel again it's between $525-$4500 but my fingers and toes are crossed that it won't happen again!

Happy phone call!!

I got the best news last week-well almost the best news! My favorite nurse L called and told me she could give me a gonal f pen for free!!! Omg I almost peed myself!! That's a $717 savings!! Wahooo, well it turns out that she had 3 pens for me! We bought her and her hubby a gift card to the capital grill as saying thank you! So now I'm just waiting on my lovely friend to show up so we can start again!

We went away with dhs cousin and his expecting wife- it was really nice to get away an I'm really happy for them. They talked about the pregnancy but not too much, they know what's going on with us.

That's all for now, I have to call the ivf place to see if they r going to charge me a cancellation fee of $525, even though they didn't put it in writing...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One thing after another

Since my cycle was cancelled 7/27 I thought we'd start up when the bitch showed up. Wrong-just talked with the nurse and the doc wants to wait for 2 periods. And now we have to go in for a follow up from our cancelled cycle and get a new plan. I'm sooo pissed that we have to wait x2. I'm sooo scared that since I over stimulated last time they are gonna watch me like a hawk and only let me produce 1 eggie. Hmm hello I'm paying for this wonderful stuff and cant do it 1,000 times. I need alot of eggies so we can freeze them and only have to pay around $3,000 the frozen cycle. Ahhhh sooo annoying, I hope what I'm thinking is wrong but I dunno. I just need to scream really loud.

Monday, August 3, 2009

1st Anniversary

Yesterday was our 1yr wedding anniversary! It was really nice, we went to Coach Grill for dinner and the waiter heard me say anniversary and came over with cake w/a candle ( for free) soo sweet. I defrosted our wedding cake from last year and had the bakery make a fresh one just on case the old was bad. It turned out great. Tradition says paper is your gift for your 1st year so I gave my DH a childrens book "everyone poops" and new Oakleys, he gave me some books-one of which was a large and great Baby name book. It was soo sweet. Its soo big it keeps me busy for hours!hahaha

Onto IF news, I'm calling the doc today to make an appt for our follow-up and get the next steps.