Tuesday, November 24, 2009

*Bump pic*

8 weeks 6 days and this baby wants everyone to know she is coming. Yes, today I think its a girl!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our little raspberry

Baby is growing like mad,putting on a millimeter everyday and continuing to straighten out in the trunk.Though you cant feel it yet,baby is moving those little arms,legs and (now only slightly)webbed fingers and toes like crazy!!

How far along: 8 weeks 4 days
Weight gain/loss:6 pounds up
Symptoms:Very tired, nauseous(not getting sick yet),and loosing soo much hair
Maternity clothes:Jeans and tops if we are doing something with other people,other than that pjs all the time
Strech marks:Nope
Sleep:8-9 hours
Best moment last week: This week- heard the hb, 171 :) saw the babe
Food cravings:nothing, I dont want food
Gender:well people say high heart beat = girl??
What I'm looking forward too: 10 week doc appt 12/4
Milestones: graduating from my RE to a reg obgyn. My growing baby!!
Stick baby stick <3 grow,grow,grow

Friday, November 20, 2009


Yesterday I graduated from my RE to a regular obgyn :( super bitter sweet,thank god they are 3 feet away from each other!My appt was to meet with a midwife(ended up with someone I didnt want) 5pm appt- 20 mins late, her not me. Anyway she looks just like my mother in law,acts like her and talks like her.BOO HOO. Sat us down and said lets go over the news from your u/s from today. Ok fine. She says I see there are 3 sacks and 1 pregnancy.I'm sorry- what did you say? She says, you didnt know? Our mouths are open,she looks threw her notes and says there is a type o.Ahhhhhhhh. Then she goes over pregnancy, asks questions etc. She asked me a question and after I answered she looked out @ DH to see if I was lying. What??? I told her that I'm nervous (which I think I have every right to be),she says people who are nervous during their pregnancy tend to have postpartum depression (hmm debby downer). The only good thing is that she said since I'm nervous I can come in more often. My husband likes her because she has a dog... I'm going to give her another shot-but I dont really want to. She tells us to make a few appt as we were leaving. We tried but the receptionist was really busy and asked me to call tomm. Sounds easy right? haha, I called around 10 to miss the morning rush. Got the worst person on the phone, this woman has hated me since day 1. Shes sooo rude on the phone. ANyway, I explain what the midwife (Susan) said and she tells me she cant help me. She doesnt understand why I want extra appts. So I tell her, the midwife said it was ok, I'm an IVF patient and am scared. The bitch puts me on hold. I start to cry. Comes back and says I'm going to put you on with Lynn- I love Lynn. I tell Lynn whats going on and she makes the appts with no questions. Thank god. I'm not going to go in every week, I understand that but a little TLC goes a long way with me(I've been threw alot). As of now I'm going in:
12/4 10 weeks, meeting with new ob
12/15 11 weeks 6 days meeting with midwife
1/8 15 weeks and DH's bday meeting with nurse

OOO yeah, I ended up getting the H1N1 shot, my RE was pushing it like candy. I feel fine. While I was there she said she wanted to check my progesterone levels. Today Ellen (nice nurse) called and said they were 23.82. She said it was good but to continue crinone 2x per day,I'm wondering if its good then why continue at normal dose? I didnt ask. But I did ask (this is gonna sound bad) if they had any more crinone 'samples'. She said she'd check in a different office and get back to me next week. I've been spoiled by fav nurse (havent bought crinone yet)its $230 for a 9 day supply! I go back 12/3 for a follow up progesterone test. RE said its okay to stay on it for the 12 weeks if I feel okay and depending on next results
P.S- fav nurse called to check on me yesterday (shes on vacation).How sweet is she?!!

8 week u/s

Look whos growing like a little flower!! The babe is measuring 1 day ahead of schedule and the heart beat is 171!! Yahoo, I'm over the moon. The babys head is to the left of the screen and you can kinda see his arms on the side!! Everything looks GREAT!!
I'm pregnant!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tomm is finally my 8 week u/s. I'm nervous and excited rolled into one! I'm praying, gram went to church and talked to the statues (how great is my gram). Here is how tomm will go down: work- 7-2, u/s 2:30, meet with my RE(IVF doc) 3:00. 5pm meet with midwife and move over to 'regular' obgyn. Its going to be a long afternoon-I can get threw it as long as the baby is healthy. I'm feeling good- nauseous more than anything in the world but havent gotten sick yet...the other day I noticed some light pink stuff but a nurse (not mine) thinks the suppository is irratating my cervix-exciting...not. She said not to be worried. Fav nurse is on vaca (she needed one after me), that place is no good with out her :)
I hope and pray the little one is strong, and growing- hes my fighter.
Stick baby stick<3 I love you

Sunday, November 15, 2009


This afternoon I was planning on going to the movies with 3 friends but no one could decided on a movie. INstead they came up with the idea of going bowling. I didnt freak, I just said I dont want to lift a heavy ball, so we ended up going 'mini' bowling (not sure if thats what its called). The balls were a little bigger than ski balls but 80% smaller than regular balls. It was fun, something different. But now I'm wondering if I over did it/? It wasnt really exercise but it was alot more than I have been doing since before IVF.Hmmmm I'm trying not to stress over it, I'm just going to relax for the rest of the day.
Last night we went to our friends (m/c friend) surprise bday. We decided not togo into the city with them and just go over to their house before hand. I didnt want to bring up what shes going threw or what I am. She ended up asking me questions and I answered her with 1 word but she wanted to know more. I believe she really is happy for us. However I do feel a bit weird when I take off my sweater because I'm already showing. Oo well
I cant wait till thursday
Stick baby stick <3 I love you

Friday, November 13, 2009

7 weeks!!

Babys brain--both hemispheres!!is growing fast,generating about 100 new cells every minute.Arms and legs are emerging as joints start to form,and a permanent set of kidneys (babys third!!) is now in place.

How far along: 7 weeks 1 day
Weight gain/loss:Depends on who you ask; my doc office says 4.2, I say 2 pounds up.
Symptoms:Very tired, nauseous(not getting sick yet),and loosing soo much hair
Maternity clothes:Jeans and tops if we are doing something with other people,other than that pjs all the time
Strech marks:Nope
Sleep:I'm exhausted, go to bed @ 8pm and wake up around 3-4am very nauseous,sometimes I can go back to sleep but usualy not
Best moment last week:Seeing our line backer and the heart beat~104
Food cravings:Milk (I hate milk)I really dislike milk but have been wanting it, so I'm buying organic,low fat,pasterized.
Gender:I'm thinking future Patriots player, but a cheerleader would be great too
I miss:Deli meat and nail polish
What I'm looking forward too: 8 week u/s on thurs 11/19
Heart beat and we got our 1st card for my aunt!
Stick baby stick <3 grow,grow,grow

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

6 weeks 5 days

The baby is a sweet pea during the 6th week! The baby is growing like crazy, baby is starting to sprout eyes, ears, nose, cheeks and chin. Those little hands and feet- still webbed like paddles- might wiggle by week's end, the heart is beating (almost twice as fast as yours!), and blood is starting to circulate.
I'm feeling good- emotional,but I guess thats par for the course. My goal for this week is not to stress out. Acupuncture is today so I hope that helps (however my girl is out this week) and I really like 'my people' but I'm going to be nice and think happy thoughts. My baby (the line backer) is healthy and growing.
Stick baby stick <3

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Its been a pretty good weekend,except that I'm pooped! I went to old navy the other day because they were having a re-opening event and your could win a $500 gift card. I waited in line for 15mins and was # 162. I won a tee shirt~ but they made it okay for me to get a maternity tee shirt!I walked around and saw nothing else really,but on the clearance rack I found a sweater coat thing and a sweater (both purple) they were both 50% off and an additional 50% off that! yay me!!I waited in line for about 40mins and then left. I had NO energy to finish my shopping so I had to go home. Ended up cooking a nice healthy dinner and watching a movie with the hubby.

Fast forward to today~ Dh hasnt told any of his friends and was waiting until they got here for the game to tell them in person. He told his BFF and I decided to call his twin sister to tell her the news. She told us when she was about 5 weeks pregnant, so I thought we should do the same. I called and started chit chatting, and I was asking how she was feeling-she said okay. I asked how many weeks she was and she said 0 aka NONE. She had a m/c about 8 weeks ago. So at this point I didnt tell her anything about us and being pg. SHe knew about IVF and that we would be finding out soon, she asked 2 times and I told her. I felt (feel) awful. She said shes very happy for us and she knows that its been a long road for us. She said shes dealing with the m/c but okay. Well next week is her and her twins bday and her hubby has set up a party bus to go into Boston (we are sopost to go) its a surprise. I'm torn on to go or not? I'd feel bad for missing it but am I a reminder of what she lost (I'm already showing) and theres a another friend whos about 14weeks pregnant going. What should I do??
So now I'm trying very hard to think happy thoughts about my little one but its soo hard. I'm thinking my baby is good and growing but I'm not sure. I wish I had an ultrasound machine in my room. I'm thinking about calling the doc tomm and asking for an u/s this week (to ease my mind). Not sure if they will let me.I might loose my mind.
Other than that, I'm feeling good. I'm tired,and nauseous but havent gotten sick yet. No cramping (just little twiches here and there) and no spotting.

Stick baby stick <3 I love you!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

6 week ultrasound!!

Today was my 1st u/s as a pregnant person. Over the past year or so I've had soo many u/s I cant even count that high but this one made me sooo nervous. My Dh and fav nurse and the u/s lady that I like were all there. I was shaking and thought I might puke (i didnt). And there it was on the screen: 1 healthy baby with a heart beat! So far the craziest thing I have experienced. The heart rate is 104 which is right on track for being only 6 weeks (sometimes you dont see the hb at 6 weeks). I'm beyond over joyed, I feel so blessed. We met with out RE and she seemed really pleased. We go back in 2 weeks when I'm 8 weeks for another u/s. My due date has changed by 1 day- its now 6/30/10
The baby is the black blob and the thing in the blob is the heart!!
Stick baby stick <3

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grow little babies grow

Today the babies arms are starting to form, they look like little bumps!I cant wait for friday- please GOD, heart beats please!!
Stick babies stick <3
I found this on someones blog and think its very cute and am going to try to do it each week!

How far along:5 weeks 5 days
Weight gain/loss: None so far, but still bloated
Maternity clothes: yes please! Jeans (sometimes)
Strech marks:Nope
Sleep: yay~ finally, about 9.5 hours a night!
Best moment last week: Beta #4~ 2425!!
Food cravings:Pistachios
Gender: Pink or blue either will do, just looking for a heart beat
I miss: soda
What I'm looking forward to: ultrasound on 11/6
Milestones:Telling people the news!!

Telling people

This is how I found out~ A HPT!!

Telling 2 of my BFFS!! They had the server come over with a piece of yummy cake to celebrate!!

Telling DH's sister and her family! I made our nephew a tee shirt that says " I'm a big cousin"

After this weekends scare I'm doing better, I dont think my baby is crushed. I'm just praying theres a little heart beat on friday.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Freaking out...

Ok, so I'm probably going to be freaking out my entire pregnancy but this is why I'm freaked out today... last night at a halloween party I was sitting on a chair watching people dance, play beer pong etc. All of a sudden one of our friends came over and decided to sit on my lap- my baby to me clear. He weighs around 340pounds (no lie) it only lasted for maybe 7-10 seconds but now I'm FREAKING OUT. My husband says I'm over reacting but today I havent had any nausea like I have been. I just want to jump in the car and head for the ER. Can anyone talk me off the ledge or should I go.... And Dr.Google has nothing for me.
Please leave me a comment :)