Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stick little babies STICK!

What a day...this morning I called the doctors office to get my fav nurses point of view on my babies-well she didnt seem very excited. I'm praying it was because it was early in the morning/after long weekend etc. Anywho she told me that none of the eggies made it to freezing, probably one of the saddest things I have ever heard.
(I hope they know how much I love them and will miss them) Told me to think positive and that I do still have 2 in my belly.
Got off the phone and cryed my eyes out for about 5 hours on and off.

Made an appt at the Domar center for acupuncure $95 for 90mins to help these babies stick. I told them we were going to acupuncture for them and it wouldnt hurt them...I'm nuts I know it.

Called my gram who is the best person and told her to go to church and pray...she told me she prays for me and the babies everyday-I told her pray extra please! She had a good point,after my retrieval 2 eggies were fertilized on their own and now 2 eggies are in my belly-she thinks they are smart and are fighters. I like the way she thinks!

I'm going for another round of acupuncture next Tues and hope it helps.
Stick babies stick-you can have candy when you come out,and a late bedtime :)*Muah*

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