Friday, October 9, 2009

Almost there...

Last night I couldn't sleep, it wasn't because of pain it was because I was afraid to roll onto mysides/belly and upset my belly. I normally sleep on my side- I'll go back to normal after I'm out of the over stimulating range! Ha! So I went to the recliner but couldn't fall was 3am. My knee is killing me, I talk my nurse and she thought the same thing I did- it was from the stir ups. Right now I have ice on it. Who would have thought my knee would be bothering more than my belly! I hope it goes away super soon, I want to cry :(

Anywho, my doc called today and threw me for a loop. I assumed she was calling to see if I was over stimulating but nope. She was calling to tell me that 17 out of the 32 eggs were mature and 2 fertilized naturaly. She was calling to advise us to do an icsi procedure on the 15 other eggies. Icsi is when the inject a single sperm into the egg threw a needle/unlike the normal way of putting the 2 in the same dish and letting the swimmers do their job! It's an additional $2500.00 for this procedure but it should work with a few so we can freeze some.

As far as symptoms- I feel good. A little bloated but I've been like this for a week or so, No spotting, a cramp here and there and I'm the same weight! The weight is a big sign of over stimming. So that's good. I have been drinking gatorade and water like crazy and peeing alot too. I don't think my pee has never been this clear ever! Haha sorry for tmi! So I'll prob sleep or try to sleep on the recliner again just so I don't roll! Lol!
Tomm afternoon we will get the call on how many eggies are fertilized and when we can come in on Sunday. Until then...

I'm praying I don't over stimulate and the more eggies get fertilized and my knee feels better!

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