Wednesday, June 30, 2010

its my due date

Today is my due date and here we are HOME and still preggo!! I went to the liquor store today and bought some wine coolers and sprite. Had 1/2 of an Italian sub with hots and 1/2 of a wine cooler/sprite combo. My gram swears that wine coolers put her into labor 3 times,so we will see.

Yesterday I cried because we didnt have grapes and I wanted some.

Maybe my water will break tonight.

Monday, June 28, 2010

induction date

Today I had my 40w appt. I'm thinned out and towards the front? Not dilated and getting checked ISN'T fun. OB said the baby is in the 63% and is looking good, will probably weigh around 8- 8.5lbs (yea right). He was 8lbs on Friday. My bp today was 144/82- however this OB wasn't worried...
I drove to Worcester a 40min ride each way to try a labor inducing cream cheese, it was on the news! so we will see.

A list of events coming up:
Wednesday June 30- MY DUE DATE
Thursday JULY 1 (not JUNE) NST and bp monitoring at OB's office

Tuesday JULY 6 *9am* (again not JUNE)I am going to the hospital to start induction. We are starting with cervadil to ripen the cervix. Depending on how I react I will either stay or leave that night. If I leave then I go back on Wednesday.

Wednesday JULY 7- start pitocin if not in labor from cervadil.

My fingers are still crossed I go NOW, so we will see.

I'm not telling everyone the induction date, and not posting on FB until after the babe is born.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

39w 3days

Still pregnant,I have 4 days until my due date. Tonight is a full moon so fingers crossed.

Baby news: My bp continues to be in the high range and after a 24hr pee test it has been determined that I do have protein in my urine. The pre eclamsia starts at 300 and I'm at 288, so we are being monitored. Had a hypertension ultrasound yesterday- they checked fluid, placenta, kidneys, cord and other things and the baby passed, YAHOO. Baby is weighing about 7lbs 15oz she said give or take 15oz, so I'm trying to realistic and not surprised when Mikey comes out at 9lbs. I have an appt Monday afternoon (with a different OB) mine is on vacation :( Fingers crossed we talk about being induced this week. I want to be induced on Thursday 7/1, so the baby will be here 7/2. We will see :)

Buddy had surgery on Wednesday and is recovering nicely. I think hes a big faker-since after being home for 1 day he tried to jump on the couch. Hes been crying like a BRAT, we think cause he wants to be on the couch and running around. However we'd like his new $2,000 knee to heal some more before the running and jumping 5yr old 'puppy returns'.

Yesterday I had a crappy pedicure and ended up writing the company a letter cause I was soo pissed(doesn't help that I'm 100 months preggo). Here is a recap of what I wrote on the bump about my experience: had an appt at 1:30 for a pedicure, something I was SOOO looking forward to. I have never been there before. At 2:05 the woman came over and had me soak my feet (in reg water not soapy) and went back to her previous client. Didn't say sorry or anything. 10mins later she comes back and does the pedicure. Keep in mind this is a spa, not a mom an pop salon, she does everything that I have had done in the past etc. When she is done with my feet she put my flip flops on- no MASSAGE :( so I speak up and say do you not do massages here? She says yes we do. But your pregnant and I don't want to put you into labor. I explain that I had a pedi last month and still am preggo, my doctor said its okay to pedicures with massages and that I'm due in 5 days and am allowed to 'try' to jump start labor. She agrees and does a fair job. Paints my toes and says your all set. Gets up and greets her next client (who I could tell has been there before) with open arms. I let my toes dry and get up to pay.

I give the receptionist a gift card that I have and she asks "how was it"? I said awful and I wont be coming back. I explain why etc. She asks if I want to speak to the manager but I decline. I ended up giving the worst tip I have ever given $5 on a $45 service. OO well

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Okay little boy, we are ready! I think your gear is super cute and needs to be put to use.

The 3 B's

The 3 B's that are going on in our life right now:

1. Baby is due any day now.

2. Buddy our big baby is scheduled to have knee surgery Wednesday 6/23 at 8am. I'll be 39weeks pregnant. How am I going to handle 2 babies? My DH will be home with us but still- this isn't how I wanted things to go down.

3. Bugs- Ants have taken over our kitchen and we have NO clue where they are coming from. Not awful but still annoying and weird.

According to my gram, timing is everything and it happens for a reason.
I wonder how my bp is now...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

high blood pressure

So Tuesday I had an appt with my OB (finally) at 10:10. Went in and I lost 1 pound,yay and discovered I had high blood pressure. I was a little excited for high bp cause it ment possible induction but then I was told how serious it really was and my excitement went away. It was in the dangerous level at 142/80, my norm is 114/60. It is very common in late pregnancy but can be very dangerous. My OB did the doppler- baby's hb was 140, and said I was a fingertip dilated (which means nothing). She quickly put me on the non stress test to see how the baby was reacting to my bp- he was GREAT! Checked my bp again and it was still high. Waited awhile and it finally went down to 117/80. I was there for 2 hours. My OB had me do blood work and I got to take home a 24hr pee test (joy). I was instructed to come back Friday to go over the test results and see where my bp was. Depending on everything we might talk induction.
Until Friday.

Monday, June 14, 2010

37w 5days

Here are some better pics that show really how LARGE I am. Tomm is my 38w appt and I PRAY I've made progress. I have been walking, eating spicy foods and pineapple- the whole nine yards. I might cry if nothing is going on, fingers crossed!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

full term

I'm 37w and its about time! Officially on maternity leave and WAITING for this baby boy to make his arrival. I'm LARGE and SWOLLEN as you can see. I have decided to have an ob deliver me, I cant handle the midwifes earthy crunchy attitudes. They might work for someone but not for me. I actually told one that I thought she was crazy..oops. I'm not dilated or anything fun like that. I've started the old wives tales- pineapple, spicy foods, walking (when it doesn't hurt) I even did this crazy painful thing with my chiropractor yesterday where she strips the enductors on my inner thighs. Sex isn't an option- DH is 100% against it.I told him I was going to rape him and he said he can run faster than me!LOL!!

Apparently 1st timers go late-past their due date. They will induce you at 41-42w. That's insane. I'm all about getting this little guy out by 40w. Soo many people are telling me, he will come when hes ready..blah,blah. However these people haven't experienced what I did to become pregnant and I think they need to shut up. My gram went to church yesterday because I want him out today or Sunday (my ob is on call). I'm waiting..hehe

I have also become very GRUMPY. I CANT wait too meet this little guy. All the gear is ready, clothes are washed, car seat installed- ITS time little man <3