Monday, October 12, 2009

Moving around

I finally slept last night! Well kinda- I decided to sleep on my side ( which I love)! I was reading that pregnant people should sleep on their left side so I figured why not! Ha! I only woke up 1 time unlike the past 4 nights! I called a friend and went to breakfast and got lots of proteins, eggs,cheese and bacon.I came home and went back to resting however I have been moving more than the past days. I feel good, I'll randomly get a pinch in my belly but it only lasts 1second. I haven't gained any weight so that's exciting! I'm feeling like I might throw up which excites me but it's prob cause I missed lunch! I've googled grade b and c embryos and it seems ok but of course I'll call my nurse tomm to see what she thinks. I hope she thinks they are okay.
I've been looking at the babies picture since yesterday and it's on the fridge! I've been talking to the babies and telling them to stick,stick,stick and that I love them very much! My hubby even said bye to them this morning before he went to work! I'm off tomm and back to work wed so it's a short week. I'm going to try very hard not to lift the 2yr old! All for now!

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