Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lost and Found

Yesterday I was organizing all my supplies and noticed my needles for my trigger shot were missing...panic mode-I called my DH and he said he was too busy to talk to me...hmmm hello its very important. ahh. CAlled my fav nurse and she said if I cant find them I can borrow (have)some from the office. But still I'm thinking its a sign that god doesnt want me to have babies... Anyway I ended up cleaning up our computer room and guess what I found??? The needles! I'm such a loser.
The shots are ok...its getting harder to put the needles in-I think I'm thinking too much about it but they dont want to pierce the skin (took me 6 mins last night) normally only 2 mins. I have my appt tomm morning and I'm very curious to see whats going on in there... I feel fine,I dont think I'm over-stimulating again which is good but I'm not sure if they are growing...very intersted to see what tomm brings. I think nothing will be going on in there and they will up my meds. We'll see.
I just spent 2 hours searching the internet-and I wont tell anyone what for but you can guess! haha

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