Sunday, October 11, 2009

Transfer day 10/11/09

So today was the big transfer! I was ok, but afraid I was going to pee on people! But there was no peeing on people! I got to the center and was told to start drinking,i brought my 24oz bottle of water/ finnished it and told the nurse I already had to pee...she told me to drink more. So I was a good patient and listened. When I went for the u/s to comfirm my full bladder they said it was over filled;thanks nurse! I had to empty a little then was ready to go. About 5 people checked my name/dob before we could start. The eggies we were transfering were a 6 cell,grade C fair and a 4 cell,grade B fair. I really wanted straight A's but I'm trying not to focus on the grades. They said these were 2 good ones. The transfer was easy- had valum 5mg, and it was like A pap smear, took about 5 mins. Then they set a timer for 10 mins before I could get up. The whole 10 mins I was telling the babies ( yes now I'm called them babies) to stick, stick, stick! We got a picture of our little babies-I'll upload it later. I have the date for my preg test and I don't think my fav nurse is working:( it's a Friday. I'm not saying the date because I dont want friends to know for awhile.

Side note- my knee is still killing me;( however I'll deal with a crappy knee if that means a BFP/great beta numbers!

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