Wednesday, December 30, 2009

14weeks preggers!!

It's a good day- today I'm 14w pregnant!!

Yesterday we had our appt with the midwife~the one who I didn't like the 1st time. Well times have changed and now she's nice! Ha! We went in and my blood pressure was great and I've now gained 11 pounds total. Wow! Midwife comes in the room says hello, then tells us she normally talks 1st and hb 2nd but after looking at my notes she was going to do the hb 1st! Yahoo! She found it soo easily, it was between 150-160!! Which is great!! We moved onto my peeing problem- she said she has never heard of this problem but not to be worried. She asked me why I didn't come in the day before to ease my mind, I told her I wanted too, that I begged and cried etc but the nurse said no. She said that was unexceptable and she was going to talk with her. It's better to have me come in for 5 mins than me crying and worried. She does think that I'm more anxious(sp) and maybe I should talk with someone. I'm going to decline the offer for the moment- yes I'm nervous,emotional etc but this is my 1st pregnancy and it hasn't Been an easy road. If I'm feeling like I want to talk with someone I will no problem. We are going to go every 2 weeks just to reassure me. That means we can hear the hb more often! Everything is on track!
Btw- I finally had sex! Haha 3months! Not fun but... Hehe!!

Christmas was good, a long day. We go to both families and eat 2 full dinners! My hubby got me a CHI flat iron, which I soo wanted!! North face boots and a few other things. We also got a flip video camera from my sister in law and she knitted a little hat and booties for our baby!! Awe!! My mother in law gave me a few maternity sweaters- which I need to exchange and a new doggy/baby gate! We have had a baby gate for our dog for years at our front door ( if not he runs out the door)!! This one is fancy- has a foot pedal on both sides! It's the little things that excite me!

My mother in law asked about my baby shower. We were planning on throwing it/paying for it etc. She said maybe we could do it at her house!! Yay for saving $$!! It's still a maybe but it's a start.

Tomm is new years eve- no clue what are plans are. I want to do something but I'll be surprised if I last past 10!!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Calmed down a little

After alot of crying this morning I finally got a call back from the nurse- it was like pulling teeth to get a call back. She talked with a doctor an she thinks my uterus is larger than normal people at this stage. They said not to come in today because I have an appt tomm with the midwife 1pm. I hope she is right, and everything is fine. They said even if it's a bladder issue it can't affect the baby. I just need to hear the heart beat and I'll be okay. I have been able to pee so that's exciting. I have finally stopped crying which is nice! I'll post after my appt tomm.
Thanks for everyones concern today, it means alot.


So it's been forever. Yesterday I woke up and needed to pee, well I went to the bathroom and couldn't pee. It took about 10 mins for anything it was soo weird. It didn't hurt but I felt pressure. We called the doctors office an they told us to come in. There wasn't an ob there so I'm not sure why we came. We saw an internist an internal medicine doc who said " he hadn't seen a pregnant patient in forever". Great. They wanted a sample and I was able to pee- go figure. I don't have an uti, the 80yr old doc didn't know why this happened. He tried to find the heart beat and couldn't- said it was because he's not an ob. Told me if it happens again to call my ob. I was a wreck.
We left and I could pee all day. So I was feeling better last night and coming off the ledge. Woke up this morning and same thing- fuck. I called the ob @ 8am and got a call back at 8:10. The nurse said this is common for a 8 month pregnant person not me. Thanks. She was going to check with a doc (mine is on vacation) and call me back. It's now 9:15, I'm giving them till 9:30. I'll call them back and if they don't care I'll go to the er to get answers. I'll try to update later. Happy Monday

Sunday, December 20, 2009

12 ultrasound

I have been so lazy lately about blogging, but its a few days before Christmas so I'm cutting myself some slack. My u/s was Tues at 2:20-full bladder and all. Well at 2:50 we go into the room and I'm about to BURST,the doc came in and tried to get the measurements-well his words were- " WOW I cant believe how upside down your uterus is, this is going to be impossible... I suggested an internal, he said ok but it might not work. I got to pee, that was great BTW. Do an internal and he is trying to dig to China, I mean I was jumping. ANyways there it was the baby, and OMG its not a blob anymore its a baby. We saw toes like you could count toes :) The doc was totally pissed that he needed to spend more time with us because of my messed up uterus, oo well. The baby wasnt really cooperating but he got the measurements that he needed for the test- downs syndrome and other things. The result was 1.3, and you want it to be lower than 3.3 so that made my day. He said I was measuring 11w 4 days instead of 6 days, as of now my due date hasnt changed. When we told him it was an IVF baby his attitude changed 100%. He gave us pics and sent us to get my blood work. I have an appt 12/29 with the midwife so we will go over everything there.

Our 18w (find out the sex u/s) is Tues 1/26 @ 3:30, and OMG I cant wait.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Todays the day...

So its been forever since I've blogged. I've been sick, 1st I thought it was strep,nope. Then a few days later I came down with an awful cold, and just so you know, when your preggers you can only take tylenol. And tylenol isnt for colds BTW. I got over the cold and yesterday I pulled a muscle in my back at work. My boss is a PT so I showed her where it was and asked what to do... well its in a spot that theres nothing you can do. It hurts when I inhale. Anyways...
Today is almost like prom day. I'm nervous and excited and I'll even shave my legs. Today is my big 12w u/s, we get to see the babe and are looking for markers of downs syndrome and other genetic disorders etc. I just want to see the heart beating, please god let it be beating.

I'll update later
Grow,grow,grow <3

Sunday, December 6, 2009


My baby is the size of a prune,thats fitting...

With bones and cartilage starting to form and vital organs beginning to function, baby is making major progress. Body length will almost double in the next three weeks, and arm joints are now working. (Soon, legs will too.)

How far along: 10weeks 4 days
Weight gain/loss:lost 1 pound
Symptoms:nauseous 24/7(not getting sick) and everything smells gross
Maternity clothes:Yes please
Strech marks:Nope
Sleep:8 hours on and off (I wake up to pee)
Best moment last week: seeing the babe on u/s
Food cravings:nothing, I dont want food
What I miss:Nothing
Gender:Not sure but we have a girls name: Linsday Helen
What I'm looking forward too:Tues 12/15 my 12 week u/s
Milestones: I'M PREGNANT
Stick baby stick <3 grow,grow,grow

Friday, December 4, 2009

1st ob appt

Today was my 1st ob appt. New doc was nice and she told us that she has 2 IVF babies (so she gets brownie points). They were late taking us in but we got to talk with Liza :) This is how the appt went: pee in cup, weight (no change,yahoo) and blood pressure. Doc comes in answers all my crazy questions, so crazy DH was looking at me asking where I find this stuff. We decided to do a 12 week screening test on the babe for downs symdrome and other things. She breaks out the jelly and puts it on my belly-uses a hand doppler to hear the h.b (heart beat). I hear alot of swooshing no beating like my previous appts. Doc says she can hear it, DH says he can hear it. Guess who cant?? OOO ya. So naturally I start crying because I think they are all lying to me and its not cool not to hear your babys hb.
She leaves the room and comes back with a mini rolling u/s machine. I think its from 1920. She locates the baby (no sound on this machine)and everyone except me can see the beating heart. She tells me everything is looking good and not to be worried. I'm trying to trust her...
So we go in the waiting room to make our appts- Cassandra the one who hates me has no clue what appt I'm talking about and doesnt know how to make it. AHH. She calls Lynn and she held her hand. Thank god for Lynn. We made the appt for Tues 12/15, I'll be 11w 6 days.
Over all I guess it was a good appt, I think she would have said something if she thought other wise.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I olive you!!

Your little embryo has now officially graduated to fetus-hood. Adding to the excitement, a Doppler ultrasound device might be able to pick up the beating heart. With basic physical structures in place and increasingly distinct facial features, baby is kind of starting to look like... well... a baby!

How far along: 9 weeks 6 days
Weight gain/loss:no clue
Symptoms:nauseous 24/7(not getting sick yet,and one other thing that I wont mention...
Maternity clothes:Yes please
Strech marks:Nope
Sleep:8 hours on and off (I wake up nauseous in the night)
Best moment last week: Having something to really be thankful for on turkey day!!
Food cravings:nothing, I dont want food
Gender:my gram did the needle and thread trick-old wives tale and it said BOY!!
What I'm looking forward too:FRiday 10/4, meeting our new ob/praying shes not stupid and hearing the babe on the doppler!!
Milestones: I'M PREGNANT
Stick baby stick <3 grow,grow,grow

Turkey day was good, busy. We go to both families, its a pain but better than having them all here!! We told my uncle and his 2 boys (well my papa did). He wanted to make a toast before dinner and include it in there. I couldnt wait. When they came in and asked whats new I said "papa do you talk NOW". Hehe. They are all excited. During dinner I was told that they have been keeping me in the dark about my grandfathers health. They didnt want to stress me out or worry me. Apparently over the past few weeks hes been in and out of the hospital for 'heart failure'. Over the summer he switched doctors and the new one noticed a rapid heart beat and called 911. He was rushed to the hospital and put on new meds. He has had heart problems for years. Well apparently the new meds messed him up, no one was paying attn to his other meds and he ended up in the hosp again. I'm now told that everything is straightened out and he is fine. Fingers crossed.
My mother didnt attend thanksgiving,which is fine by me. She sent cupcakes for us(?) She hasnt seen me since the summer,(so never seen me preggo),she probably afraid I'll scream at her for not having her life together...oo well
Stick baby stick <3 grow,grow,grow