Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lost and Found

Yesterday I was organizing all my supplies and noticed my needles for my trigger shot were missing...panic mode-I called my DH and he said he was too busy to talk to me...hmmm hello its very important. ahh. CAlled my fav nurse and she said if I cant find them I can borrow (have)some from the office. But still I'm thinking its a sign that god doesnt want me to have babies... Anyway I ended up cleaning up our computer room and guess what I found??? The needles! I'm such a loser.
The shots are ok...its getting harder to put the needles in-I think I'm thinking too much about it but they dont want to pierce the skin (took me 6 mins last night) normally only 2 mins. I have my appt tomm morning and I'm very curious to see whats going on in there... I feel fine,I dont think I'm over-stimulating again which is good but I'm not sure if they are growing...very intersted to see what tomm brings. I think nothing will be going on in there and they will up my meds. We'll see.
I just spent 2 hours searching the internet-and I wont tell anyone what for but you can guess! haha

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Gonal f...

Last night I started the gonal f shot (75 units/last time was 150 units). Giving yourself 2 shots (lupron and g-f) really isnt fun, but I can deal with it. I go back for u/s and b/w on wed and I pray that the eggies are starting to grow. I'm so nervous that my body will reject the gonal f or get used to it and I'll have to start all over with a new plan. Lets pray that doesnt happen. I've been good about googling ivf things...the only thing I did was ivf due date calculator and if what I typed in is correct I'd be due July 1-3ish. It all depends on the retrieval but I have a general idea. OOo wait and I looked at crib bedding-I dont care for the sets and I really like targets mix an match section. However I havent told DH of my selections :) FOr a girl I like poke a dots and stripes and for a boy stripes and stars but my hubby might have something to say about the boys bedding. Everytime I hear a cute name I tell him and he normally hates it and we have the biggest book ever with baby names but we arent really looking at it. The one name we have agreed on is Lindsay. However I'm scared to have a girl-what if she has to go threw all this ivf stuff because I gave her PCOS? Is that possible? No clue. Boy or girl doesnt matter to me as long as s/he is born healthy. I'm rambeling...

This was a good week, my emotions are getting in check and I'm very hopeful that everything will work out...now I'm going to eat my brazil buts to promote good eggie quality!! ANd I just googled it---http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/family/142820/His---039-n--039--hers-fertility-boosting-nutrients

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fact or fiction??

Last week I visited my friend (the one preggers threw IVF) she gave me a brush that her acupuncturist gave her-focuses on a point in the forehead, she gave me brazil nuts(6 a day) and told me to eat the core of a pineapple for 3 days after my transfer. And she suggested giving acupuncture another go with a different person.

I think the brush is easy, the nuts..ok and the pineapple is yummy so not a big deal. Am I crazy to think these things will work for me? They worked for her but I understand everyone is different... If I go back to acupuncture I'll only go before and after the transfer (within the day). I havent told my DH yet because he'll look at me like I'm nuts (again) but its only $125 for the pre and post sessions. After all this time and money I pray it works because I'll end up in the looney bin if it doesnt.

Tomm is my suppression check-to make sure I'm in menopause mode...belive me I am. If everything is good then I go down on the lupron to 5cc (yahoo) and start the gonal f in 5 days. Fingers crossed :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stupid pill

So I hate the pill with a passion! Lol!! It's making me sleepy, cranky, pissed and fat! I just needed to share this fun info!

On another note I got an email yesterday from a happy person announcing that there will be a new member in his family- no he doesn't know what's going on with us but for some odd reason it drove me over the edge! I didn't do anything crazy like reply to the email but my poor dh heard all about it! Some times little things set me off... I guess that's life! However I have a baptism this weekend and I'm sooo not looking forward to it, and since I'm starting ny lupron that night I'll not drink! It's gonna be a long night...

I'm all over the places with my words/emotions I'm blaming the darn pill:)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankrolls smaller, homes happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for."-Unknown