Wednesday, December 30, 2009

14weeks preggers!!

It's a good day- today I'm 14w pregnant!!

Yesterday we had our appt with the midwife~the one who I didn't like the 1st time. Well times have changed and now she's nice! Ha! We went in and my blood pressure was great and I've now gained 11 pounds total. Wow! Midwife comes in the room says hello, then tells us she normally talks 1st and hb 2nd but after looking at my notes she was going to do the hb 1st! Yahoo! She found it soo easily, it was between 150-160!! Which is great!! We moved onto my peeing problem- she said she has never heard of this problem but not to be worried. She asked me why I didn't come in the day before to ease my mind, I told her I wanted too, that I begged and cried etc but the nurse said no. She said that was unexceptable and she was going to talk with her. It's better to have me come in for 5 mins than me crying and worried. She does think that I'm more anxious(sp) and maybe I should talk with someone. I'm going to decline the offer for the moment- yes I'm nervous,emotional etc but this is my 1st pregnancy and it hasn't Been an easy road. If I'm feeling like I want to talk with someone I will no problem. We are going to go every 2 weeks just to reassure me. That means we can hear the hb more often! Everything is on track!
Btw- I finally had sex! Haha 3months! Not fun but... Hehe!!

Christmas was good, a long day. We go to both families and eat 2 full dinners! My hubby got me a CHI flat iron, which I soo wanted!! North face boots and a few other things. We also got a flip video camera from my sister in law and she knitted a little hat and booties for our baby!! Awe!! My mother in law gave me a few maternity sweaters- which I need to exchange and a new doggy/baby gate! We have had a baby gate for our dog for years at our front door ( if not he runs out the door)!! This one is fancy- has a foot pedal on both sides! It's the little things that excite me!

My mother in law asked about my baby shower. We were planning on throwing it/paying for it etc. She said maybe we could do it at her house!! Yay for saving $$!! It's still a maybe but it's a start.

Tomm is new years eve- no clue what are plans are. I want to do something but I'll be surprised if I last past 10!!

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