Monday, December 28, 2009


So it's been forever. Yesterday I woke up and needed to pee, well I went to the bathroom and couldn't pee. It took about 10 mins for anything it was soo weird. It didn't hurt but I felt pressure. We called the doctors office an they told us to come in. There wasn't an ob there so I'm not sure why we came. We saw an internist an internal medicine doc who said " he hadn't seen a pregnant patient in forever". Great. They wanted a sample and I was able to pee- go figure. I don't have an uti, the 80yr old doc didn't know why this happened. He tried to find the heart beat and couldn't- said it was because he's not an ob. Told me if it happens again to call my ob. I was a wreck.
We left and I could pee all day. So I was feeling better last night and coming off the ledge. Woke up this morning and same thing- fuck. I called the ob @ 8am and got a call back at 8:10. The nurse said this is common for a 8 month pregnant person not me. Thanks. She was going to check with a doc (mine is on vacation) and call me back. It's now 9:15, I'm giving them till 9:30. I'll call them back and if they don't care I'll go to the er to get answers. I'll try to update later. Happy Monday