Friday, December 4, 2009

1st ob appt

Today was my 1st ob appt. New doc was nice and she told us that she has 2 IVF babies (so she gets brownie points). They were late taking us in but we got to talk with Liza :) This is how the appt went: pee in cup, weight (no change,yahoo) and blood pressure. Doc comes in answers all my crazy questions, so crazy DH was looking at me asking where I find this stuff. We decided to do a 12 week screening test on the babe for downs symdrome and other things. She breaks out the jelly and puts it on my belly-uses a hand doppler to hear the h.b (heart beat). I hear alot of swooshing no beating like my previous appts. Doc says she can hear it, DH says he can hear it. Guess who cant?? OOO ya. So naturally I start crying because I think they are all lying to me and its not cool not to hear your babys hb.
She leaves the room and comes back with a mini rolling u/s machine. I think its from 1920. She locates the baby (no sound on this machine)and everyone except me can see the beating heart. She tells me everything is looking good and not to be worried. I'm trying to trust her...
So we go in the waiting room to make our appts- Cassandra the one who hates me has no clue what appt I'm talking about and doesnt know how to make it. AHH. She calls Lynn and she held her hand. Thank god for Lynn. We made the appt for Tues 12/15, I'll be 11w 6 days.
Over all I guess it was a good appt, I think she would have said something if she thought other wise.

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  1. 2 out of 3 hearing and seeing the heartbeat - try to relax and trust them! Glad all is going well :)