Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stupid estrogen...again

Yesterday was great, I went to the beach with a friend and just talked (not about ivf) just things. It was just what I needed to get my mind off all this stuff. However I'm a lobster- a real lobster maybe even more red than a lobster!lol. Today was my u/s an b/w since starting back on the gonal f and the eggies grew a smidge like .5 :( So the biggest is 15 with a 14 and 10 13's etc. As we drove home we were thinking that the cycle is going to be cancelled because my body is just not listening but as always it depends on my estrogen level. Well an on call doc called @ 1pm with the results and said it dropped again. WTF. Its now 200. Keep in mind that last Tues it was 1651 and Wed it was 2620(?) and Fri it was 600. So righ then we figured he would say stop the cycle and start fresh, nope. He said take 150 of the gonal f tonight w/ 5c of lupron and come in tomm for another u/s +b/w. I told the doc I dont have that much g-f for tonight...I only have 112.5. He said take what ever is left. So now we are thinking that on call doc doesnt know what hes doing. Our reg RE says its not good for the estrogen to be all over the place. If it is then the eggies wont be growing properly. KIll me. So I had to call him back and ask if he was sure and he said yes-it might jump alot over night and we would def know tomm if we are cancelling. At this point I have prepaired myself 3 times to cancel this cycle.I cant keep going back and fourth. I think my reg doc will say to start fresh-and we are okay with this. Only time will tell..........

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