Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So today I went in again for a u/s and blood work. Turns out the 8 eggies are staring to grow. All are 10mm and 1 is 11. I was waiting for my nurse to call me when the doctor did. If a doctor calls thats never a good sign...she said my estrogen went up another 1,000-thats right 1,000. I dropped my gonal f dose to the lowest dose last night and the shit still goes way up. We decided to stop the gonal f and up my luron dose to 10cc (instead of 5) for the next 2 nights and go in on Friday for more blood work and another u/s to see if my estrogen has dropped and the eggies are growing on there own. After the u/s we will sit down to chat. She said she wants me to know that we might be canceling the cycle. I understand they have my best interest in mind and there are alot of health risks to me but what the f****.
We have to wait till Friday and hope that my levels have dropped and the eggies are growing on there own...
Until then

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