Monday, July 20, 2009

I feel like a druggy

I feel like a drug user. I dont know how people can put needles into themselfs all the time and get pleasure out of it. Here it is 8:45am and I'm dreading 7:05pm (2 shots).Ahhhh. But I thought I'd list all my wonderful meds that are making my kitchen look like a drug store and my bank acct look yucky. Did I mention our insurance isnt paying for IVF or our meds//? However if I didnt have health insurance the state would pay for it.GOOOO FIGURE. I swear I'm not bitter!

Provera- Drug used to induce a period
Birth control pills-
Lupron- Drug used to suppress your ovaries $258
Gonal F Pen 900- Used to grow your follicles $717 each pen and I think I need a new pen this week...
Noveral-Triggers your eggies to release and 36 hours from then you do the retrieval $62
Progesterone suppositories-Helps the lining if the uterus $70

IVF procedure:$6500.00
u/s and blood work: $1500.00

It will be all worth it in the end.

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