Monday, July 20, 2009

A long long ass 6 weeks starts...

Forgive me if I'm all over the place with this blogging thing. I just started to blog and am trying to recall the past months to give a better idea. However I'm not sure that people will read this, so far I'm not telling others that I'm doing it. But deep down I want people to read it...its the hardest thing I've ever gone threw and I cant put it into a conversation. Weird I know-I ramble too.
Anywho, IVF is a 6 week process (it feels like 600 weeks to be honest). It starts with the birth control pill (ironic I know) on day 3 of your cycle. However if your like me and dont get your 'friend' on a monthly basis you start provera to induce one. I started my pills on 6/19, then I moved onto lupron shots (10cc) on 7/3. I was told to do the shots between 7-9pm each night, at 7:05pm every night I start getting the shot ready. In my mind if I do it the same time all the time we will have better results...what ever gets me threw the shots...haha. I give the shot in my stomach-2 inches from my belly button, I alternate sides each day but still I have bruises. At 1st it was very easy but its getting harder as the days go on. My belly is sore and ugly. After 10 days of the lupron shot I went in for a u/s and blood work to see if the meds are doing their job. It turns out they are! My nurse (who I <3) called and said everything is on track and to decrease my lupron to 5cc a day and to start the gonal f pen on 7/17. 150 units a night along with the lupron. Gee the fun of 2 shots in my belly. I can give the shots in my thigh but I think the belly is closer to the eggies so thats why I'm doing it there. I have an u/s and blood work tomm to see if the gonal f is working and if I should go up or down in my dose. I really want to see progress tomm but the nurse thinks its too soon to see big follicles (eggies) growing. We'll see.

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