Sunday, November 15, 2009


This afternoon I was planning on going to the movies with 3 friends but no one could decided on a movie. INstead they came up with the idea of going bowling. I didnt freak, I just said I dont want to lift a heavy ball, so we ended up going 'mini' bowling (not sure if thats what its called). The balls were a little bigger than ski balls but 80% smaller than regular balls. It was fun, something different. But now I'm wondering if I over did it/? It wasnt really exercise but it was alot more than I have been doing since before IVF.Hmmmm I'm trying not to stress over it, I'm just going to relax for the rest of the day.
Last night we went to our friends (m/c friend) surprise bday. We decided not togo into the city with them and just go over to their house before hand. I didnt want to bring up what shes going threw or what I am. She ended up asking me questions and I answered her with 1 word but she wanted to know more. I believe she really is happy for us. However I do feel a bit weird when I take off my sweater because I'm already showing. Oo well
I cant wait till thursday
Stick baby stick <3 I love you

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  1. Sounds like candlepin bowling. Small balls, three shots per frame, and no cleanup between frame so you can use the dead wood to hit more pins down?