Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tomm is finally my 8 week u/s. I'm nervous and excited rolled into one! I'm praying, gram went to church and talked to the statues (how great is my gram). Here is how tomm will go down: work- 7-2, u/s 2:30, meet with my RE(IVF doc) 3:00. 5pm meet with midwife and move over to 'regular' obgyn. Its going to be a long afternoon-I can get threw it as long as the baby is healthy. I'm feeling good- nauseous more than anything in the world but havent gotten sick yet...the other day I noticed some light pink stuff but a nurse (not mine) thinks the suppository is irratating my cervix-exciting...not. She said not to be worried. Fav nurse is on vaca (she needed one after me), that place is no good with out her :)
I hope and pray the little one is strong, and growing- hes my fighter.
Stick baby stick<3 I love you


  1. I'll be checking up on you tomorrow!!!

  2. Liza, your the best!! No longer called fav nurse-now called my friend!!