Sunday, November 8, 2009


Its been a pretty good weekend,except that I'm pooped! I went to old navy the other day because they were having a re-opening event and your could win a $500 gift card. I waited in line for 15mins and was # 162. I won a tee shirt~ but they made it okay for me to get a maternity tee shirt!I walked around and saw nothing else really,but on the clearance rack I found a sweater coat thing and a sweater (both purple) they were both 50% off and an additional 50% off that! yay me!!I waited in line for about 40mins and then left. I had NO energy to finish my shopping so I had to go home. Ended up cooking a nice healthy dinner and watching a movie with the hubby.

Fast forward to today~ Dh hasnt told any of his friends and was waiting until they got here for the game to tell them in person. He told his BFF and I decided to call his twin sister to tell her the news. She told us when she was about 5 weeks pregnant, so I thought we should do the same. I called and started chit chatting, and I was asking how she was feeling-she said okay. I asked how many weeks she was and she said 0 aka NONE. She had a m/c about 8 weeks ago. So at this point I didnt tell her anything about us and being pg. SHe knew about IVF and that we would be finding out soon, she asked 2 times and I told her. I felt (feel) awful. She said shes very happy for us and she knows that its been a long road for us. She said shes dealing with the m/c but okay. Well next week is her and her twins bday and her hubby has set up a party bus to go into Boston (we are sopost to go) its a surprise. I'm torn on to go or not? I'd feel bad for missing it but am I a reminder of what she lost (I'm already showing) and theres a another friend whos about 14weeks pregnant going. What should I do??
So now I'm trying very hard to think happy thoughts about my little one but its soo hard. I'm thinking my baby is good and growing but I'm not sure. I wish I had an ultrasound machine in my room. I'm thinking about calling the doc tomm and asking for an u/s this week (to ease my mind). Not sure if they will let me.I might loose my mind.
Other than that, I'm feeling good. I'm tired,and nauseous but havent gotten sick yet. No cramping (just little twiches here and there) and no spotting.

Stick baby stick <3 I love you!!

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