Sunday, November 1, 2009

Freaking out...

Ok, so I'm probably going to be freaking out my entire pregnancy but this is why I'm freaked out today... last night at a halloween party I was sitting on a chair watching people dance, play beer pong etc. All of a sudden one of our friends came over and decided to sit on my lap- my baby to me clear. He weighs around 340pounds (no lie) it only lasted for maybe 7-10 seconds but now I'm FREAKING OUT. My husband says I'm over reacting but today I havent had any nausea like I have been. I just want to jump in the car and head for the ER. Can anyone talk me off the ledge or should I go.... And Dr.Google has nothing for me.
Please leave me a comment :)


  1. I'm sure you are fine. That little one (or ones!) are well padded and safe and sound in there.

  2. Thanks, my nurse ended up talking me off the ledge...I think!

  3. That doesn't sound too traumatic (on a physical level anyway). But maybe it's time to start sewing thumbtacks to your clothing to discourage lap sitters.