Friday, November 6, 2009

6 week ultrasound!!

Today was my 1st u/s as a pregnant person. Over the past year or so I've had soo many u/s I cant even count that high but this one made me sooo nervous. My Dh and fav nurse and the u/s lady that I like were all there. I was shaking and thought I might puke (i didnt). And there it was on the screen: 1 healthy baby with a heart beat! So far the craziest thing I have experienced. The heart rate is 104 which is right on track for being only 6 weeks (sometimes you dont see the hb at 6 weeks). I'm beyond over joyed, I feel so blessed. We met with out RE and she seemed really pleased. We go back in 2 weeks when I'm 8 weeks for another u/s. My due date has changed by 1 day- its now 6/30/10
The baby is the black blob and the thing in the blob is the heart!!
Stick baby stick <3

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