Friday, November 20, 2009


Yesterday I graduated from my RE to a regular obgyn :( super bitter sweet,thank god they are 3 feet away from each other!My appt was to meet with a midwife(ended up with someone I didnt want) 5pm appt- 20 mins late, her not me. Anyway she looks just like my mother in law,acts like her and talks like her.BOO HOO. Sat us down and said lets go over the news from your u/s from today. Ok fine. She says I see there are 3 sacks and 1 pregnancy.I'm sorry- what did you say? She says, you didnt know? Our mouths are open,she looks threw her notes and says there is a type o.Ahhhhhhhh. Then she goes over pregnancy, asks questions etc. She asked me a question and after I answered she looked out @ DH to see if I was lying. What??? I told her that I'm nervous (which I think I have every right to be),she says people who are nervous during their pregnancy tend to have postpartum depression (hmm debby downer). The only good thing is that she said since I'm nervous I can come in more often. My husband likes her because she has a dog... I'm going to give her another shot-but I dont really want to. She tells us to make a few appt as we were leaving. We tried but the receptionist was really busy and asked me to call tomm. Sounds easy right? haha, I called around 10 to miss the morning rush. Got the worst person on the phone, this woman has hated me since day 1. Shes sooo rude on the phone. ANyway, I explain what the midwife (Susan) said and she tells me she cant help me. She doesnt understand why I want extra appts. So I tell her, the midwife said it was ok, I'm an IVF patient and am scared. The bitch puts me on hold. I start to cry. Comes back and says I'm going to put you on with Lynn- I love Lynn. I tell Lynn whats going on and she makes the appts with no questions. Thank god. I'm not going to go in every week, I understand that but a little TLC goes a long way with me(I've been threw alot). As of now I'm going in:
12/4 10 weeks, meeting with new ob
12/15 11 weeks 6 days meeting with midwife
1/8 15 weeks and DH's bday meeting with nurse

OOO yeah, I ended up getting the H1N1 shot, my RE was pushing it like candy. I feel fine. While I was there she said she wanted to check my progesterone levels. Today Ellen (nice nurse) called and said they were 23.82. She said it was good but to continue crinone 2x per day,I'm wondering if its good then why continue at normal dose? I didnt ask. But I did ask (this is gonna sound bad) if they had any more crinone 'samples'. She said she'd check in a different office and get back to me next week. I've been spoiled by fav nurse (havent bought crinone yet)its $230 for a 9 day supply! I go back 12/3 for a follow up progesterone test. RE said its okay to stay on it for the 12 weeks if I feel okay and depending on next results
P.S- fav nurse called to check on me yesterday (shes on vacation).How sweet is she?!!

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