Friday, January 15, 2010

shower buisness

A few weeks ago my MIL started talking about my baby shower, come to find out its going to be at my SIL's house. SO one would think that my SIL would be in charge-nope not the case. Maybe shes not because she works, has a baby etc? Anyway, I was told by my MIL to make a list of people and email her. OKay. Then she said we are planning on having it like Anns (SIL) it was like a tea party. Not up my ally to be honest. I told her I didnt eat anything at that shower because I didnt like the types of tea sandwiches. And if you dont know what a tea sandwiche is: hold out your pinky finger and there is the size, add some mayo and a veggie and thats that. Hmmm no thanks. She then told me: well your a very picky eater and not everyone is like you. GRRR. I told her that friends/family have offered to bring HOT foods, the kind where you have a burner. She said we will see. This is why I wanted to pay for my shower- I am picky but it is my 1st baby shower. (well you only get one but you get the idea). I guess time will tell.

Of course I email my gram- who is helping my MIL. Tell her the things I want, and ask her to pretend they are her ideas!hehe!! My mother isnt able to help out. I might sound like a brat but I'll pay for things so it shouldnt matter. I want printed invitations, and my pretty pretty cake!! Look at this pretty cake. The color will change if its a girl.

I'm going to ask friends if they have any tables/chairs we can borrow. My friend Jackie has offered her tent! Yahoo! The shower will be one of 3 dates. 4/10, 4/11 and 5/8. MArk your calendar :)

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