Saturday, January 30, 2010

18 weeks!!

Your fetus has become amazingly mobile (at least compared to you), passing the hours yawning, hiccuping, rolling, twisting, kicking, punching, sucking and swallowing. And, baby's finally big enough that you'll be able to feel those movements soon.

Here we are almost 1/2 threw the pregnancy, I guess the time has gone by fast but 9 months is a LONG time to wait to meet the newest man in my life!! I had my big u/s on Tuesday (17w 6 days. I touched on it briefly but wanted to get a little more into detail. This was a nice appt- no full bladder and its external (on my belly). Like any other appt I was nervous going on, but not as bad as other times. I think its because the baby is moving ALOT :)

Anyways the doc came in, put the gunk on my belly and quickly found the baby. My 1st question is "does he have a hb", she says yes and continues on. I'm not sure why but they didn't put the sound on- I love hearing it, maybe its because they can see it beating? She tells us she is going to check me out before the baby, she looks at the placenta and my cervix and everything is good. For the baby she 1st looks at the baby's profile, makes sure it has a nose bone (checking for markings of downs I think), the baby does!! Then she moves to the head- measures it, then looks at the brain. Tells us everything is growing properly. She then goes to the heart, checks out the 4 chambers and everything is great! The umbilical cord was next, you could see fluid going threw it too the baby, very cool. Next up was the high bone, the tibia? I think that's the name of the bone, not sure why she measured it but I guess its good too. Meanwhile the baby is waving around like a crazy person, moving etc. The doc presses down harder on my belly to try to get him to stop- that didn't work it just hurt me...Somewhere in between all this she checks the spine, she looked extra hard because I told her that I didn't have a AFP4 test (blood test), everything looked great and she said I don't need that test! She looked at the kidneys, gallbladder,lungs and everything was great!! She made sure the baby had skin covering its body, and it does. Since the baby was moving like crazy she told me to walk around, try to pee and come back and maybe the baby would calm down. When I came back he was calm, still awake- playing with its hands but not jumping!! We told her we wanted to know the sex- she ended up getting in a position that was under the baby- and there it was a BOY!! She said his 'goods' looked good and that we have a VERY HEALTHY baby :) We are over the moon.

2 days later, I had my early glucose test. Normally its around 26-28 weeks but since I'm a higher risk (cause of PCOS) I went in early. They give you a drink that looks like a orange soda with more sugar and you sit there and drink it in front of the lab people. You have blood drawn 1hr later. I was soo lucky because my friend called and we chatted for 30 mins or so!! Thanks Ash! I felt a little nauseous, it was wither from the drink or not eating before hand. I had my blood done and went upstairs for my appt with the midwife. This was my 1st appt without my hubby- hes in FL for work, poor baby!! She was running late... the medical assistant who loves me from some reason was chatting with me and decided to rub my belly.hmmm, I don't think she was looking at my face cause she would have stopped. Its weird when people you don't really know touch you- I go into a deer in headlights mode, that's why I don't push them away. If your my friend its perfectly fine to touch me, if not back off please!! I got weighed and had no change, blood pressure was great and that was that. Went into the room and we chatted about the u/s results and she also said the baby is very healthy. Did the doppler, the hb was between 150-160 and the baby was moving alot. I told her that I have been having pains in my belly (to the point of tears) and she thinks its gas- I think shes right. She told me to take colace to help with another problem...
Everything was good and I went on my way. The next morning I got an email from the midwife that my glucose test came back and was great. They wanted the # to be under 139 and it was 114. I'm however going to repeat it at 28 weeks just to be on the safe side. I don't have to do the 3hr, thank god!!

My hubby comes home today so that's very exciting, is soo weird sleeping alone. Well I do have Buddy but its weird. We have missed him. Hopefully we can look at the books tonight and figure out a name for this baby. I hate not having a name for him, its driving me NUTS. I want to register next week or the following- target and babies r us.

Other GREAT news- my boss told me that after maternity leave I can come back and bring the baby :) Hooray


  1. So glad he's a healthy little guy! And it's interesting - judging from the stats in that picture - I had HUGE kids! lol. My twins were born at 18w2d and the smaller one was 8 1/4 inches long!