Friday, January 15, 2010

4 months pregnant!!

Well I popped!! This week the baby is the size of an avocado- however it kinda looks like there are 500 avocados in there! haha!

Last night we had our 2 week check up with the midwife, our appt was 6:30. We got there and there was no one in the waiting room. Yay, my husband even said I bet we will get in early-haha he jinxed us. At about 6:45 a man and his mother came out and took a seat, they were talking loud so naturally I listened. His wife was in with the midwife and was pregnant and dehydrated. We werent sure why his mom was there... So a few minutes later a young, pretty girl came out and sat with the mom while her hubby made her follow up appts. Weird. He kept on coming back and forth to see if the appt worked for the wife and the mom. Come to find out the wife speaks 4 words of english. Ahh we figured it out-shes a mail order bride. There is no other way she would be with this guy and his mom. We finally get called in @ 7:05.

Midwife comes in- there are 4 or 5 midwifes and I'm sopost to see all of them but because of the schedules I keep getting Suzanne. Anyway she knows that I like the doppler 1st apposed to the end of the visit. She does it right away and there it is clear as day the heart beat, a strong heart beat!! I cry, I always do. Its the most amazing sound to hear. Then we hear swooshing-she said its the baby moving and wow the baby is active. The baby is doing flips! SHe said its very good! YAY!
I've been having lower back pain, I guess its normal in pregnancy. You can see in the pic that my back is now curved. She gave me some exercises to help with the pain, I might end up going to a chriopractor if I find a good one!

On 1/26 we have our big ultrasound. They look at everything on the baby, its about 45 minutes. And if we are lucky we will find out the sex!! I'm still thinking team blue but I dont care, I just want the baby to be super healthy. Two days after that appt is my gluclose test to see if I have gestational diabetes, they are doing it early beacuse I'm higher risk with my PCOS. After I drink the gross drink I have an appt to go over the results of the ultrasound. I think after my u/s and gluclose test I'll retire my lucky outfit, I've been wearing the same out to all of my appts!!


  1. Good luck with the GTT. I just did my 3rd one this week (only one has been done while preg lol). Stupid PCOS! You're gonna have to retire the lucky outfit soon - you're gonna grow out of it soon!! Love the little belly!