Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fact or fiction??

Last week I visited my friend (the one preggers threw IVF) she gave me a brush that her acupuncturist gave her-focuses on a point in the forehead, she gave me brazil nuts(6 a day) and told me to eat the core of a pineapple for 3 days after my transfer. And she suggested giving acupuncture another go with a different person.

I think the brush is easy, the nuts..ok and the pineapple is yummy so not a big deal. Am I crazy to think these things will work for me? They worked for her but I understand everyone is different... If I go back to acupuncture I'll only go before and after the transfer (within the day). I havent told my DH yet because he'll look at me like I'm nuts (again) but its only $125 for the pre and post sessions. After all this time and money I pray it works because I'll end up in the looney bin if it doesnt.

Tomm is my suppression check-to make sure I'm in menopause mode...belive me I am. If everything is good then I go down on the lupron to 5cc (yahoo) and start the gonal f in 5 days. Fingers crossed :)

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