Monday, June 28, 2010

induction date

Today I had my 40w appt. I'm thinned out and towards the front? Not dilated and getting checked ISN'T fun. OB said the baby is in the 63% and is looking good, will probably weigh around 8- 8.5lbs (yea right). He was 8lbs on Friday. My bp today was 144/82- however this OB wasn't worried...
I drove to Worcester a 40min ride each way to try a labor inducing cream cheese, it was on the news! so we will see.

A list of events coming up:
Wednesday June 30- MY DUE DATE
Thursday JULY 1 (not JUNE) NST and bp monitoring at OB's office

Tuesday JULY 6 *9am* (again not JUNE)I am going to the hospital to start induction. We are starting with cervadil to ripen the cervix. Depending on how I react I will either stay or leave that night. If I leave then I go back on Wednesday.

Wednesday JULY 7- start pitocin if not in labor from cervadil.

My fingers are still crossed I go NOW, so we will see.

I'm not telling everyone the induction date, and not posting on FB until after the babe is born.

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