Wednesday, June 16, 2010

high blood pressure

So Tuesday I had an appt with my OB (finally) at 10:10. Went in and I lost 1 pound,yay and discovered I had high blood pressure. I was a little excited for high bp cause it ment possible induction but then I was told how serious it really was and my excitement went away. It was in the dangerous level at 142/80, my norm is 114/60. It is very common in late pregnancy but can be very dangerous. My OB did the doppler- baby's hb was 140, and said I was a fingertip dilated (which means nothing). She quickly put me on the non stress test to see how the baby was reacting to my bp- he was GREAT! Checked my bp again and it was still high. Waited awhile and it finally went down to 117/80. I was there for 2 hours. My OB had me do blood work and I got to take home a 24hr pee test (joy). I was instructed to come back Friday to go over the test results and see where my bp was. Depending on everything we might talk induction.
Until Friday.


  1. Good luck! I hope all remains ok!

  2. You feet don't look as swollen!

    I hope you have a safe delivery soon!