Friday, June 11, 2010

full term

I'm 37w and its about time! Officially on maternity leave and WAITING for this baby boy to make his arrival. I'm LARGE and SWOLLEN as you can see. I have decided to have an ob deliver me, I cant handle the midwifes earthy crunchy attitudes. They might work for someone but not for me. I actually told one that I thought she was crazy..oops. I'm not dilated or anything fun like that. I've started the old wives tales- pineapple, spicy foods, walking (when it doesn't hurt) I even did this crazy painful thing with my chiropractor yesterday where she strips the enductors on my inner thighs. Sex isn't an option- DH is 100% against it.I told him I was going to rape him and he said he can run faster than me!LOL!!

Apparently 1st timers go late-past their due date. They will induce you at 41-42w. That's insane. I'm all about getting this little guy out by 40w. Soo many people are telling me, he will come when hes ready..blah,blah. However these people haven't experienced what I did to become pregnant and I think they need to shut up. My gram went to church yesterday because I want him out today or Sunday (my ob is on call). I'm waiting..hehe

I have also become very GRUMPY. I CANT wait too meet this little guy. All the gear is ready, clothes are washed, car seat installed- ITS time little man <3


  1. Can't wait to see him! Hope he makes his grand entrance soon - your poor feet!!!

  2. I hope he comes out sooner than later! He can't stay in there forever!