Friday, April 2, 2010

3rd trimester!!

Its official, I'm in the 3rd tri!! Crazy thing to say, and as of next Wednesday I'll be 7 MONTHS PREGNANT!! WOW. Nothing crazy to report. I have decided that I want this baby to come out soon-not now, since hes not done cooking but I cant wait until 6/30. That's just crazy. Hes moving when he wants and I hate it, makes me soo nervous.
We got my new car, I need to take a pic. 2011 honda pilot, very safe and plenty of room. I cant wait to get the car seat, something that is on our registry. And according to my husband I have to wait until after my shower 5/16 to get it if no one else does :( I'll feel soo much better when we have the car seat.
Other than that, I'm boring. I coughed last week and peed my pants, yup I really did. I also tried to weigh my boobs-yup you read that right. It didn't work because I don't have a food scale...I might invest in one!!hahaha
Ohh and I got a super cute shirt for the babe, since out of 9 babies he is the ONLY BOY I figured its fitting! hehe

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