Sunday, April 11, 2010

what a week...

Here is a unexpected picture of Mikey on Thursday,the longest day of my life so far...
We had my 28w appt (I was 28w 1 day) on Thursday. Went in to meet with the midwife and the 1st question out of her mouth was is he moving alot? I said no, he moves when he wants to. Well she said I should have called since hes not doing 10 kicks per hour and she wanted to put me on the monitors(stress test). So at this point I start to panic. Before the monitors she does the doppler and his heart rate was 130-140, his norm is 140-150 but that can I change. But it still worried me. She asked the assistant to hook me up to the monitors for 20-30 mins to see his movements and heart rate. Well to make a long story short she was having a hard time keeping the h.r. on the screen (come to find out she had monitor in wrong place). They had me drink some oj (it was warm-yuck) to try and wake him up. It worked a little bit but not what they wanted to see. I figured she was going to tell us to go home and relax and try really had to count kicks. NOPE. She sent us to the hospital :( All I can say is thank god my husband was with me and comes to all of my appts because I couldn't have handled driving or calling him to meet me there. I kinda lost my shit (in the car). So we get there 5min drive from doc office. They hook me up to the test again and clear as day you can hear his heart 140-150's. We are sitting there waiting for the u/s machine to be available and he starts kicking me hard.THANK GOD.
Go go for the u/s and hes dancing in there, playing with his fingers and moving his mouth. Head is down,and ready to go. The fluid is good and cervix is closed and hes a healthy 2pounds 11oz and 28w 3days not 1 day. The placenta is in the front and that is why I'm having issues feeling him. They send us home and that's that. I have a follow up appt Thursday. I have been doing the counts and it takes him 1.5hrs to do 10 instead of 1hr but its better than the 3 a day I was getting.
Thats all for now.