Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One thing after another

Since my cycle was cancelled 7/27 I thought we'd start up when the bitch showed up. Wrong-just talked with the nurse and the doc wants to wait for 2 periods. And now we have to go in for a follow up from our cancelled cycle and get a new plan. I'm sooo pissed that we have to wait x2. I'm sooo scared that since I over stimulated last time they are gonna watch me like a hawk and only let me produce 1 eggie. Hmm hello I'm paying for this wonderful stuff and cant do it 1,000 times. I need alot of eggies so we can freeze them and only have to pay around $3,000 the frozen cycle. Ahhhh sooo annoying, I hope what I'm thinking is wrong but I dunno. I just need to scream really loud.

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